House of Jealouxy’s name was derived from one of our all time favourite songs, “House of Jealous Lovers” by The Rapture. To bring a slight edge to our name, we tweaked it a bit to become “House of Jealouxy” with the same pronunciation as ‘Jealousy’. We chose the name so people can always remember and stay curious with the question.. why jealousy?

House of Jealouxy started in late 2009 by Andi Yulianti, standing as Founder and Creative Director. Our main vision is to create a retail jewellery business that makes something extraordinary, without using expensive materials and precious stones. We wanted to make something that looked different, chic, but also rebellious without breaking the bank.  

We opened our first store at Level One Grand Indonesia in 2010, alongside other curated Indonesian local brands. During that early year, we began to branch out in designing body jewellery, then moved to head jewellery, which during the time was not a common sight in Indonesia’s expanding retail business.

House of Jealouxy have now progressed by creating many different designs from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, body jewellery, ankle bracelets, and head jewellery. We are also known for our statement pieces that have been worn by celebrity clients, designers, and prominent magazines used in various outlets such as music videos, fashion spreads, magazines cover, album cover, events, and fashion shows. 

We also had the honour of becoming one of the finalists for Best Promising Accessories during Cleo's Fashion Award in 2013 at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, and was given the incredible chance to experience fashion styling school from Instituto Marangoni Shanghai.

This early 2018, we just did a full rebranding on our sister company XO Jealouxy. We also will launch a full wedding collection in July 2018. Stay tuned for more info.

Our jewelries are handmade in our studio Jakarta, Indonesia.


House of Jealouxy