La Beauté Froide Collection

Every beginning has an end, but every ending is a new beginning.

This latest collection had taken a while to produce, because along the way it has become very personal. Arrays of journeys that have been made since the last: meeting new people, being in and out of love, getting there early or even late, feeling insanely happy, and being heart broken, to be lost and found within yourself.

The identities of rawness, strength intertwined with beauties will never be left out. Hamza hands, skulls, pearls, acrylics, crystal, chains all come together in the forming of The Cold Beauty

We follow the directions of the stars when aligned to see what is actually crystal clear. We are constantly looking for answers. But there are no answers, things just happen. If you’re frightened about what comes next, don’t be. Embrace the uncertainty. What dies, will eventually dies. What’s meant to be will always find their way.

 La Beauté Froide, derived from the French Word that means The Cold Beauty, meaning the end and the beginning in a beautiful way depending on how you see it. That’s just how life is.

Let the dark days be gone and let us welcome the shining days ahead.


House of Jealouxy

Photography: Hakim Satriyo
Model: Advina Ratnaningsih
Make Up and Hair : AnnisaCaca
Dress:  Sapto Djojokartiko


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